HTC One M9 Scratch & Hammer Test!

HTC One M9 Scratch & Hammer Test!

HTC One M9 Scratch Test is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Scratch/Drop Test, Water Test! The Full Comparison between the HTC One M9 vs Galaxy S6 Edge vs LG G4 vs iPhone 6 Plus is coming soon!

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21 Comments on HTC One M9 Scratch & Hammer Test!

  1. the hammer test is realistic say you don't have pockets and you want to hammer a nail you hold the hammer with one and and the phone and nail with the other then slip and hit the phone NOT

  2. honestly thanks for your video ,, the true is appear HTC is so weak phone i try by my self x8 i drop him from table 40 cm and the screen broken completely, add its boring phone empty as fuck

  3. I нave a HTC one м9 вυт I don'т нave тo worry aвoυт тнe нaммer тнιng caυѕe I don'т υѕe a ĸnιғe wιтн мy pнone leт alone a нaммer… and I нave a caѕe ғor тнe вacĸ. I alѕo нave a ѕcreen proтecтor ѕo I don'т тнιnĸ I need тo worry.

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