HTC One M9 Review #HTCOneM9

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HTC One M9 Review

Watch my HTC One M9 Unboxing & First Look

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22 Comments on HTC One M9 Review #HTCOneM9

  1. Enjoyed the video. subscribing now. Also. What do you think would have been a better move. This 20.7 sensor for htc m9 or if the copy and pasted the 4 mega pixel sensor from the m8 to the m9 taking away the duo camera and adding ois

  2. Absolutely beautiful smartphone….dare I say it even better looking than the iPhone 6 . Looks the business for an android phone. If you weren't part of the Apple Eco system would you buy it?

  3. Hi Dave, I was just wondering why your video quality (color grade) never as sharp (a bit washout) and not as detail as other tech YouTubers videos such as Tldtoday, Macmixing & Unboxtherapy even though you have the latest camera with lighting system. Anyway still good video though.

  4. Is it me or is HTC really taking their designs seriously. Many of the other manufacturers new phones have slight improvements and gimmicks. I like the styling of this phone and from what I have seen HTC is listening to the people to make a great product. Brilliant video Dave.

  5. Hi Dave, all android phones should be held in the position of top to the left, and bottom to the right, when it is rotating from portrait to landscape.

    However, iOS devices are the other way round.

    Thank you.

  6. I don't see why you need Final Cut Pro, most of your videos are just recorded with one video. And then added your intro and ending. You can just use iMovie and a mid range iMac tbh. I really think if you produce higher quality videos like other tech reviewers, rather than making 6 videos a day, you will Defo get more subscribers. As people want detail reviews and covering many aspects. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy your videos Dave 

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