HTC One M9 Review: Almost the Best, Again

The HTC One M9 is a step up from the M8 in every way – particularly, a much-improved camera. So is HTC back on top with the M9? Keys investigates.

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Host: Riley Murdock
Writer: Riley Murdock
Editor: Kalvin Shum

42 Comments on HTC One M9 Review: Almost the Best, Again

  1. I love that this company isn't so focused on making their products as thin as they can possibly be. The M9 is thicker than the M8 and in all honesty, it's better off that way. Phone's don't need to be paper thin.

  2. I wish the camera had better stabilization and the power button was at the top. I also would prefer the IR blaster be removed and the audio jack moved to the top as well. other than that it's worth the upgrade from the M8. Since a lack of expandable storage is a deal breaker for me this was an even easier choice over Samsung GS6 or Note 5. Despite the camera, this phone has, in my opinion, the best UI, the best sound, expandable storage, great specs for fast performance. That's everything I need in a phone, and it looks great.

  3. About the review – i never ever…..use microwave popcorn in them human-sterilizing, radioactive bags,i pop my corn on a stovetop with a bit o-buttaaa! you shake and you shake and it pops like corn!!! HTC – is best bro,is best.

  4. the phone company im with seems to have had an advertising mistake and i got this for $0 down on a $70/mth plan where as the M8 is still on a $149 plan. score both are listed for retail at $899nz. in comparison the galaxy S6 and I phone 6 are $169/mth

  5. i hope they make again a phone to look outside like one m7 but with the current specs and bring again the outside camera with ultra pixel and less MP…quality over quantity 🙂 i own an m7 :D

  6. HTC  need to go back with beats controls or other premium sound company like Bose or  Bangolufsn  and make the next generation waterproof dustproof but no sacrifice on features or OS  then HTC be the best of the best again!! They deserve it!

  7. ty for this man! gooood job i agree with lots you say!! Ty Ty ! i just wish it had the tempered glass like the xperia for water proofness, And ya omg! Camera from S6 in Htc one m9 plz. or Speakers from Htc one in the Xperia  please >.< Agh!! what to do what to do, im needing an upgrade from my htc one m7 which vibrating function broke 🙁 and i feel the phone is getting weaker and holding less charge…probably wait till this phone is free on a 2 year contract.

    Thanks again bro! we are on the same wave length.

  8. I agree, putting 4k pixels on a 5 inch screen is nothing but stupid. How could people are justify screen sharpness over performance and battery life. Are they using their phone with a magnifying lens? Face palm.

  9. This phone will be mine in a few months when I'm eligible.  I have an M8 and I love it and the BoomSound speakers have spoiled me.  I can't wait to have this phone in my hands.

  10. saw this video and loved the cometary and comedic feel it had be laughing pretty hard while being informed had me hit subscribe in one video so cudos lol more like this !!!

  11. I am very weary of HTC devices after my experience with the M7. When I first picked it up I thought it was a fantastic phone. It had some great headphones, a nice camera, wonderful screen and felt really snappy. 2 days in, my camera starts to show a pink hue grid in pictures, 3 months in the headphones and charger dies, 6 months in the phone doesn't boot after software update, 1 year in the phone is slower than anything I have ever experienced. Finally after six months of dealing with BS I switched to my beloved Blackberry 9900 to hold me over until my contract was up with ATT. Tomorrow I am switching to T-Mobile and I am hesitant towards the M9, looking more towards the LG G4 right now.

  12. Well i've never heard the HTC one m8 described as a 'mediocre' phone,  a great phone with a mediocre camera perhaps. Kind of stopped watching after that silly comment.

  13. Yes it's very nice phone I have gold and gold but I love iPhone more the Android it's stupid phones a day the camera not so good for 20 mega pixel the 6plus haves 8 but it's thousands times better 

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