HTC One M9 review

HTC’s new One M9 is a beautifully designed phone that’s fast, lasts a long time between charges, and is genuinely fun to use. But like last year’s M8, the M9 is plagued with a camera that just can’t keep up with the rest of the smartphone competition. The M9 could have been a great phone, but its camera holds it back from being the best that it could be.


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37 Comments on HTC One M9 review

  1. I was gonna dump my Nokia Lumia Icon and get this phone. Last week I was at a museum taking pictures and the room's lighting was terrible. There were only spot lights on the displays, the pictures came out great. I'm keeping my phone and am gonna wait for the Windows 10 upgrade. 

  2. HTC always does this – make a near perfect phone and then slap a huge dealbreaker right in the middle. Terrible camera and button placements, and for those reasons alone, I'm going for the S6.

  3. Not much of a design change compared to iPhone that's exact same design aside from size. For those that listen to music a lot and videos on here these speakers second to none. Yes disappointing camera not greatest but not much of a picture taker anyways. It's all a matter of personal preference

  4. I love how some ppl are upset that htc stuck with almost identically design and laugh at them saying they dropped the ball and some of them probably have iphones but that's not of my business LOL

  5. "The Ultra Pixel camera doesn't have a good enough resolution." "The new camera doesn't take good photos in low light." Fucking hell make up your mind. It's a camera. It takes pictures. That's good enough.

  6. What do you think? Should I upgrade from M7 to this? I really love the build quality of the M7 but would be great if the camera works. Pink tint memory. But damn, it's a joy just to look at this thing placed on table.

  7. Perfect review. Clear and to the point. I have watched a few reviews for this phone, and all the important points I got from those reviews are touched on here. Just, good job. Its like you watched those reviews, had the same opinion as me, and then made a video summarizing it.

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