HTC One M9 “Real Review”

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HTC One M9 “Real Review”
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  1. have an m9 and samsung note 4- the m9 gets 90 degress and give you a serius burn- htc says that normal – per htc the m9 locks to a local tower but very often locks on that towe so if you take a trip ie use directions- HTC stays locked to same tower now far away- cpu sppeds up, hit 90 degress- idiotic- and this is per HTC-can get oops tradein but will prob happen with new m9- HTC cant engineer a paper cup- idiotic heat

  2. When I buy my Htc 10, I'm seriously just going to run over my m9. There is no point seller this phone to anyone, I'm honestly using my m8 instead of the m9. I might not me able to have kids because the m9 in my pocket boiled my nuts…LBVS. M9 was a huge disappointment

  3. I Have A Question For You…I Am Currently Using The Samsung S4, And Its Eligible For An Upgrade…I Was Considering Buying The HTC M9 For One Major Reason, The Speakers On The Front…That Is My Upgrade…If I Decide To Go With The M9, My Question Is — I Use The Tango App In The Summer With My Boyfriend… Is It Capable Of That, And How Is The Video Quality Because The S4 Sux.. My Other Comment Is- You Gave The S6 The Win But What I Dont Like About That Phone Is They Took Away The Option For The Mini Sd Card…I Take A Lot Of Pictures And Download Tons Of Apps So The Stock Phone Isnt Big Enough For Me, And I Believe The M9 Can Add Sd Cards Which You Didnt Mention.. Great Video Tho :)

  4. what it do homie I gotta galaxy note 4 last year and am looking to get something new friday whats the best phone to you in your opinion to pick up on friday. I do alot of torrent downlaoding and web surfing nothing to major. just kinda tored of galaxy been rockin with them since 2012

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