HTC One M9: Initial Review

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M9 Review! I am really hoping to see some updates that improve performance. Only then do I want to attempt an in-depth review. Thank you to Audible for making content creation possible!

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  1. about a half a year before the M9 came out I was super hyped about the new One. And expected a nice new design with thin basels and without the dumb HTC bar. But when it surfaced, I was very disappointed. that's why I decided to buy the Alcatel OneTouch idol 3 with a nice 5.5" display and it also has two good JBL front facing speakers. And guess what, it has not black bar on the bottom of the screen.

  2. hi people, I need an advice…I'm looking for a new phone which will relace my galaxy s3…the top two phones I'm considering are Z3/3+ and HTC One M9. The reason why I'm not interested in buying S6 because I don't fancy Tuchwiz…Alos note…I'm looking for a phone that will last at least 3 years with as lower possibility of lagging as possible…thank you for your answers

  3. oh c'mon, I own an m7 and it's time to upgrade but then HTC does this to me? very dissapointed. I love the build quality but if the s6 or g4 bring more then its a waste of 700 dollars to buy the htc. Any advice?

  4. i got my m9 2 weeks ago and i like it ,ist a perfect match for my shure se535. and btw there is no Need to upgrade a Smartphone every year anymore.i will stick with the m9 for a Long time its fast, has perfect Audio Quality with high end earbuds like shure se535 better than apple or Samsung.

  5. Nice Review Erica.. I actually sold my M9 on and went back to my M8 (M8 is getting sense 7 and the M9 UI in a few months too) , for alot of the reasons youve discussed here.. mainly the Camera for me. Had such high hopes for it, but it just wasnt worth the upgrade.  Im just sad HTC bowed to internet pressure and ditched the development of UltraPixel this time round.. Hopefully we'll see a 6 or maybe an 8 UPx in the M10, but for me.. the M9 at this point is a big disappointment, but lets se what 5.1 brings to this..  Look forward to your full review :)

  6. .Instead of making the M9 thinner they made it thicker .They put a fucking Toshiba camera on it instead of putting a quality camera  like Sony.They have put an octa-core processor instead of using a more power efficient quad-qore processor and making the OS lighter and more agile .They disappointed me this year but I will keep my legendary M7 and I assume that they will come up with a much better product next time

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