HTC One M9 Bend test, Flame Test, Scratch Test FAIL

You can see the specs of the M9 on Amazon here:
Let me know if that link stops working!!

I enjoy repairing phones… but with that comes curiosity as to how much damage a phone can handle before it kicks the bucket. Join me as I stress test this New HTC One M9. It didn’t last long.

Here is the tear down video for those of you needing repairs:

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40 Comments on HTC One M9 Bend test, Flame Test, Scratch Test FAIL

  1. Can you please send me your HTC one m9 display connector because I broke mine and now I'm unable to find it so please if you don't need your broken phone can you please send me your display fpc connector located on the main board

  2. So the future me (after seeing the m10 video) is not disappointed with htc. but ths video still breaks my heart… or bends my heart.. or scratches my heart.. or lighters up my heart.

  3. "I was really surprised at how easy this phones was to bend."
    dude, even your mounted camera is shaking from your strain…what are you trying to say with this video?

  4. He puts in way too much force, you can see his hands shaking by the force he applies.
    I think with this much force any phone would break. I mean, that was a steel phone, MAN!!

  5. I watched all your test of top flagship smartphones. But there is one that you never mentioned. Producer is bragging about its super crafting of aluminium. And their flagship phone Meizu Pro 5. You could give them a try and check if its bragging or do they mean it.

  6. I appreciate and understand all your work… so I am wondering… would it be possible to add to the test the original HTC One? That's my phone and I am so curious because I have been using it for a while! Thank you for all your videos.

  7. Haha, good video. I've had my One M8 for over 2 years now and despite the fact how little pressure is needed (according to you) I have never managed to do anything even close to what you did to your phone :o

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