HTC One M9: 5 Problems

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Here are 5 complaints I have with the HTC One M9

9 Tips and Tricks for the M9:

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The HTC One M9 is a great phone, running Sense 7 and Lollipop 5.0.2, but it has some cons. Here are five reasons why I probably wouldn’t sign the M9 to a 2-year contract over devices such as the iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge.

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34 Comments on HTC One M9: 5 Problems

  1. U sound like u are perfect iphone user 🙂

    Heat = Sensation, Desire, M7, M8, M9. They all have it (top chipset always remember?) That is normal for Htc
    Dim = perfect for me
    Sense = i can't live without it (that toggle is best thing ever)
    Camera = sux badly, day ok but night… 2 much grain and drunk focus
    Battery = depends purely on user and how u manipulate apps, background processes and memory
    Weight = Like they say, premium feel. I hate light phones o.O

    But, appreciate the review. Anyone who does buy without trying, shouldn't even look at reviews.

  2. Cool, not a single one of these bothers me in the slightest. I love my M9 and wouldn't trade it for anything I've ever seen.

    It does get hot, but not so much that it is uncomfortable, and only when I have it plugged in and am playing some games.

  3. For months I use them and nothing is real!
    The updated camera is very good.
    The display is nothing wrong.
    The battery time is absolutely great! (The iphone run out much sooner)
    It does not heating up better than any other phone!
    There is weight, because a metal, Dolby stereo sound of the best cell phones.
    The SENSE is the best!

    Do not compare an iPhone …;)

  4. Harris, that is an excellent video. As an M9 owner, I don't agree with all of it, but I think you've put your five points across really well and in a very balanced way. I think it will help people who haven't quite made up their minds yet. Thanks.

  5. sense is no 1 in the world. dude your story make no sense at all ,heating is normal with such power there are no vent system screen is perfect if you dont like ,it dont buy it

  6. to me HTC One m9 is a great phone great price if you love Android it is a must sense is way better touch whiz n the front facing speakers great selfie camera. If u have med to big hands you should be fine with holding it if u got little bitchy hands get a iPhone !!!!!!!!grrrrrr

  7. Camera? I wonder what's HTC ' S take on lack of OIS. Either they didn't care about the camera's performance. Or they didn't didn't know what to do to make the camera more functional. The pics in low light are too dark. I really like all the other ones though.

  8. Nice video +Harris Craycraft but I disagree with you on one thing. The battery on the m9 may not be the best even though it has a 1080p screen but look at the iPhone 6,it has only like a 720p screen but battery life is still not as good. This also makes up for the m9 being thick.. just an honest opinion!!

  9. Lol …..
    1.It's fixed with last update
    2.May be you are right but It's not the big deal
    3.Software sense 7?? No you must be Kidding me …
    4.Okey you are right
    5.Ummm may be but it's still good enough and better than Iphone 6 at least

  10. I think the phone is a good phone but I just expect more from a flagship device. I can agree with most of the problems you addressed. I've had the phone in my hand already and it really is not the lightest nor the thinnest and that makes me feel like HTC didn't try hard enough. Also I would accept a 10mm thick phone if the battery lasts longer but with this phone they increased the capacity while the device isn't lasting as long as the M8 mostly because all the energy is basically turned into heat. And yeah, we don't have to talk about the camera here…

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