HTC One M8 Review – All you need to know

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For much more detail on the HTC One M8, check out Pocketnow’s full review including comparisons, benchmarks, feature tests and more:


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36 Comments on HTC One M8 Review – All you need to know

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  2. I've wanted the phone for a while, mostly due to the upgrade from my current phone's camera and speakers. This review has decided it for me – I will now be buying this phone. Although I would have liked some more info on the speakers performance with music (I know you did mention it but it was more with videos and such)

  3. *m8 comes out*
    everyone: this phone sux I'm sticking with m7
    *m9 comes out*
    everyone: this phone sux I'm sticking with m8

    me: Wait, WTF!!? didn't you just say m8 sucked ass later year??!!!

  4. I´m about to buy the HTC one m8s. Since basically the only negative thing said about the phone was the camera, for me it´s a no brainer to buy the m8s since it has a 13 megapixel camera.
    Good video!

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