HTC One (M8) Review

HTC One (M8) Review

HTC One (M8):

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Almost exactly a year ago HTC surprised the world with a new smartphone that focused on design and build quality more than any previous Android handset maker. That was the HTC One (M7) and, today, we’re here with our full review of the follow-up HTC One (M8).

The phone is an improvement on its predecessor in nearly every way: it has faster components, a larger display, a unique camera and an even more refined hardware design, but HTC has big shoes to fill. The One (M7) was an award winning handset and, yet again, the new smartphone faces competition from Samsung’s latest Galaxy flagship smartphone.

Is the HTC One (M8) a worthy successor to the M7? Does it offer enough features to stand apart from the bevy of other flagship smartphones on the market?…

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  1. I really don't know why but nerds who are completely unapologetic about what they love, are mildly attractive, and look to work out on a regular basis (with just a little fat) seem to be my mark. 

  2. I got this phone a week ago, and for the most part I like it. I upgraded from the HTC One S, and there are a couple of things that seem to be a downgrade from that. Firstly there are now only 5 home screens (plus blinkfeed) instead of the 7 that I used to have. There is no longer the photo album widget, which I really liked because I could quickly and easily flip through my photos without having to go into the gallery. And the Home, Back and Recent items buttons always on the screen does get annoying. For such a big phone, I wish they were off the screen (where the HTC logo now sits) as this could reduce the overall size of the phone, while also making it harder to acccidently knock the home button when in an app. These are very minor issues that I will easily get over, but the biggest and most infuriating feature is the new predictive text dictionary, that for some unknown reason decides to automatically put spaces in your text for you with no option to turn it off. eg. Trying to type "Monday?"….Firstly, you type the word Monday and it appears a the first word option (no problem there). Then you put a ? after it, and the dictionary changes your word so it says "Moody?". You therefore have to write the word Monday and then select that word BEFORE adding the ?. The problem with this is when you select the word, it adds a space for you and so you end up with "Monday ?". I seem to be forever re-editing my text messages to remove extra spaces etc. before I send them. It doesn't sound like a huge problem, but trust me…it's incredibly annoying. A simple option to turn off auto spacing and let me decide when I want a space would save me a lot of frustration.
    I also wish I could turn off the Google now feature, or at least change what that action does. There could easily be a few shortcuts added to that action, rather than just the one that I'm never going to use.
    Don't get me wrong, it is a good phone, it just needs a bit of tweeking from HTC to make it a great phone.

  3. i want this phone but we are in july…the way phones come out idk if i should just wait till october for a new phone or just pick up the htc one m8 and keep that phone for 2 years….someone respond to me what should i do

  4. I have always preffered Apple/iOS over anything else. I love it's build quality, applications you can only get from apple. Thou seeing the new HTC M8. Now it is really making me think twice. Thou, i still have two thing that is making me hesitant to get the HTC M8. Camera, which currently is the best coming from iPhone, Not to mention their GPS. Well, now only have to wait for the iPhone 6 to make my final decision. Any feedback would be appreciated as well. Just to share. I am a Social Media Junkie who use my phone for taking pictures to post on Facebook and Instangram. I use my GPS for the same use for location and such.

  5. My contract ends tomorrow, and I'm looking to get a little advice on what phone I should get–I can either buy the newer HTC One (M8) for $99 on contract or get the older One (M7) for free on contract. Is the difference between the two worth a hundred dollars? Can anyone who has used the M7, the M8, or both shed light on differences in battery life or performance? Does anyone know how long the One M7 will continue to receive updates?

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