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HTC showed off its 2016 flagship smartphone today. The HTC 10 takes all the characteristics we’ve come to appreciate in HTC and amps them up. The 10 is not a complete rethink, but it’s enough of a refresh that the 10 is a compelling option in a world awash with Galaxies and iPhones. The HTC 10 is a metal-clad warrior looking for a fight. Here are Phonescoop’s first impressions of HTC’s latest handset.

HTC’s next-generation flagship is here, and, at first blush, it was worth the wait. The 10 sees HTC repenting for all the company’s past transgressions. The phone makes a concerted effort to correct the (too many) wrongs we saw on last year’s HTC One M9. In short, I think HTC managed to create a hit in the 10, though we can’t offer a definitive assessment until we’ve completed a full review.

First, the name. HTC is dropping the “One M” moniker from its flagship line. This new phone is not the One M10; it’s simply the HTC 10. The number 10, of course, has lots of meaning attached to it…

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