HTC One A9 Review (Hands-on): Specs, design, screen and camera

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HTC One A9 Review (Hands-on): We test the One A9’s display, camera, Marshmallow interface and fingerprint sensor.

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HTC”s One A9 so far seems to be a smart, sleek and surpisingly affordable phone that packs premium features but for a decent price, similar to the Motorola Moto X Style. Check back soon for our full HTC One A9 review.
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19 Comments on HTC One A9 Review (Hands-on): Specs, design, screen and camera

  1. Questions:

    Is the screen clearly visible in direct sunlight?
    Is the battery life better than the battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S6?
    Does the A9 have Always Listening(e.g. like the Nexus 5x & Moto X)?
    Does the A9 encounter any hiccups while playing intense video games(e.g. like Asphalt)?
    Does the A9 offer butter smooth performance?
    Does the A9 take good low light pictures?
    How does the A9 camera measure up to the Samsung Galaxy S6 camera?

  2. Hey Chris, I'm really digging your reviews. As an HTC M7 owner ready to upgrade, I'm curious to see how the new camera fares. If it still sucks, it looks like a Note 5 for me. P.S. What proud Android owner would want a phone that looks nearly identical to an iPhone? WTF is HTC thinking?!

  3. HTC always puts so much effort and hype into the camera, yet always fails. I hope they actually deliver this time, especially since the cut the MP count.

  4. are you serious htc?! why would you make a carbon copy of the iPhone 6s. this is just sad. and no front facing stereo speakers!! won't surprise me if they get bankrupt from the lack of sales and law suits apple will be making. pathetic

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