HTC One A9 hands-on video

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37 Comments on HTC One A9 hands-on video

  1. I've read a number of comments on this review and I understand why people say the A9 looks like the iPhone 6. . . But, HTC were first company to release a full metal design with two antenna lines. In 2013 HTC launched the HTC One (M7), all metal two antennas. April 2014 HTC launched the HTC One (M8) metal body two antenna lines. October 2014 Apple lauched the iPhone 6, metal body that bends with two antenna lines.

    That's not the only thing Apple have copied from HTC. the iPhone 5S was 8MP, the iPhone 6 was 8MP. Apple said its not about having more pixels but larger pixels. I wonder where they got that idea from. Here's some more, suggested apps, live photos, news feed, apps that change according to your time and location.

    So before you point the finger, do your homework first.

  2. Got mine pre ordered. I never had a hitch with the M8. Didn't care to upgrade to the M9. So instead I got the S6 edge. JUNK. Software is garbage and unless ur into formatting the phone every 60 days its just keep getting slower and slower. Takes 5 mins to reset and boot back up to my home screen. Sending it in to be serviced once the HTC arrives. Once it's fixed I'm selling it and never buying Samsung Garbage ever again. Last samsung phone I had was the S3 and I hated that too.

  3. Yea.. this cant be real right? HTC had one of the best phone designs… and the new Iphone generation seemed like a cheap toy next to it… and now… htc made this ugly son of a b*tch!?? This is the mixture of the worst design elements: Ugly iphone back with the sticking out camera. Huge iphone/Htc bezels, ugly samsung home button with a disturbing htc logo…wtf? There is no mobile case can hide this ugly bastard.

  4. dear HTC nonsense fans, you've accused Samsung for "copying" the iphones design, well,looks like the jokes on you. because now HTC A9 looks like the galaxy and iphone fused together

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