HTC One A9 camera review

The HTC One A9 sports a 13-megapixel rear camera and an Ultrapixel front-facer, but how good are they at everyday photo capture? Check out our full HTC One A9 camera review, with photo and video test samples

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8 Comments on HTC One A9 camera review

  1. The M7 had a feature where you could tap the screen and it would take the photo (without having to press the shoot button) and focus on what was tapped, it would do it it mino seconds. Does the A9 do this?

  2. htc camera options are the best, in auto mode you need to be very smart to get good shots, but in manual you can beat any phone, iPhone, LG or any one, you just need to be familier with the pro shooting which is not all people know

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