HTC Incredible S Software Review

The HTC Incredible S uses the Sense UI interface which features seven homescreens, many beautiful widgets, and lots of other changes to built-in apps. Running Quadrant on the Incredible S, we score about a 1400, which is 200 points less than the Desire HD, even though both phones have the same hardware. Web performance is quite fantastic with smooth scrolling and panning. In terms of data speeds, the Incredible S can do about 3mbps down and 1.7mbps up on T-Mobile’s 3G HSDPA network.


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  1. Im getting this phone tomorrow i had a iphone 4 but i didnt find it the best phone they break real easy and you pay $1000 for it and a htc is cheaper and is way better in all ways.
    I say thumbs up for the HTC INCREDIBLE S 😀

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