HTC Desire 626s Review PT1 (Boost Mobile)

HTC Desire 626s Review PT1 (Boost Mobile)

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  1. Thank you for taking the time in producing an in depth review. I have the 626s for about four months now. The one thing I was disappointed in is the speakerphone volume, it is not very loud even in a quiet room. The 1.5 GB of RAM seems to help the phone even with a 210 Processor.

  2. the moto e is faster as far as I can see. I've only had this phone two days though so I mean it could of just been random. but when I was clicking on videos online it played then with out barely loading. I love it because you can customize it like everything even system font.

  3. I like the fact that I can customize some without apps. I customize a lot especially with SMS probably won't use the stock app for SMS. also wondering what the font features are maybe I can use font packs or something.

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