HTC adds a splash of color to three new Desire phones

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More from Mobile World Congress 2016:
At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, HTC took the wraps off three new Desire phones, the 530, the 630 and the 825. Slim and trim, they stick to the middle of the road on features.

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25 Comments on HTC adds a splash of color to three new Desire phones

  1. Hate htc, again they wasted such an amazing design. Who in the world would buy had display, 3 year old processor, 2gb of ram, unbelievably thick bezels, incredibly bad camera???

  2. My first HTC phone was also my first Android phone, the Desire HD and I freakin' loved that phone! That was back when most phones had a single-core CPU.

  3. well this is nice. I like how they made that camera eye pop out of back. it's prob not that useful, but it looks nice with those color splashes. also, at least there is no plane one color back, but instead we get some nice art like patten. I like whole idea of it.

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