HTC 10 Week 1 | iPhone to Android | HTC 10 vs Galaxy S7

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48 Comments on HTC 10 Week 1 | iPhone to Android | HTC 10 vs Galaxy S7

  1. Hey Vivian. Great job! You should have a look at HTC tutorials for onscreen keyboards. They show tips and tricks for single hand typing. Comes very handy for small hands :P

  2. Hi you might as well consider getting a 256gb memory card from amazon its only £35. Or I think it is 180gb memory card I am not sure you might as well check it out it will go good with your htc 10.

  3. Great overview! You go into much more technical detail then you give yourself credit for. I found all points incredibly useful from a day-to-day usability standpoint. Eg, I can imagine the placement of the capacitive buttons would be very annoying considering the way you used to hold your previous phone. Well done!

  4. Okay to fix your gripes, you can check the phone without having to unlock the phone by tapping the fingerprint scanner with a finger that isn't registered to unlock your phone, or you can just tap it really fast lol, or you can double tap the screen to show unlock the phone and double tap it again to put it to sleep. Also I too was a little annoyed about screenshotting by pressing the volume down and lock button but there is another way to do it, you just press the lock button and the fingerprint scanner. If you have any other things you would want to know just ask IDK if you will even see this but I hope I at least helped somebody.

  5. Excellent video. I like that you focused on how the phone works for you without getting caught up on the technical bs that, in the end, is just a bunch of numbers, not a person's personal use experience.

  6. If ur going from IPhone to Android or Android to IPhone , It would be confusing both ways considering ur use to the way the phone works and not the other. I know cause I always been an Android person I tried my friends iPhone and got confused on how that works Lol

  7. Um the HTC 10 is quite a bit thicker than the S7. 9mm vs 7.9. Fact check before making a review please. Maybe it was the extreme chamfer on the 10 that made it seem thinner (?)

  8. WELCOME TO ANDROID! 😛 i'm really really tempted to buy HTC 10 but i'm holding myself to see the next Nexus
    anyway i just want to inform you about the shortcuts when you use HTC you may know or don't know about it 😛

    1.Double tap on the screen to wake up the screen to see your notifications without unlocking it.
    2. Double swipe down to go to Camera when the screen is off.
    3. for taking screenshots you can press power with home button.

    if double tap or double swipe didn't work check them on Settings>Display & gestures>Motion launch gestures there you
    can tick or untick the gestures that you want .

    enjoy your new phone ^_^

  9. the iPhone and HTC both have IPS displays. IPS have the lights on all the time and are sharper then amoled displays. You are thinking of amoled displays which have darker blacks because the lights are completely off when not being used and this saves battery. amoled has more vibrant colors, but decreases sharpness.

  10. HTC also scored the highest on antutu benchmarks. 30,000 above any other phone on the market. they also had the fastest touch response of any phone since the m8 came out being the first phone to have a touch response below 50ms…

  11. the HTC m10 scored higher benchmarks, and has the highest Dxomark score for camera. The m10 charges faster then the samsung and iPhone, if you get the HTC quick charge 3.0 charger so if it does die it only takes a few minuets to recharge. the USB C allows you to do more with your input, HTC has headphones that plug into the USB C Jack for better audio. also the mic's on the camera are hi-res so you get 256 X better sound for video and hands free calling. the top speaker is also the ear piece so you can hear calls better… the m10 has ZOE videos which take 3 second videos and break them into images, iPhone copied this with "live photos" much like they copied the all metal design, antenna bands, long slender shape, and 5MP front camera from the HTC m8.. wireless charging is over rated, it's slower, so honestly it's only really good for over night charging. you can use your phone using a wireless charger, so it's Kindve pointless and overrated… The m10 is water resistant just not waterproof, but most phones that are rated waterproof loose their cheap plastic plugs over the charge port and become no longer waterproof lol. honestly you have a mug better chance of dropping your phone and cracking it then dropping it in water, and HTC is the only one who offers free protection and replacement on their devices for the first year. So you covered no matter what happens… HTC has shaped the phone market and doesn't get the credit it deserves. I have always used HTC because their phones are dependable and perform consistently well, over years of use.

  12. As a fan of HTC and Android, I'm happy to see you like the phone. You can adjust in the settings to be able to see your lock screen and notifications by just tapping the fingerprint/home button then holding your finger on it to unlock. Hope you continue to learn about the device and take advantage of all that HTC has to offer.

  13. It was interesting to watch your review Vivian. I remember when I switched to Android back in 2014, I had many of the same gripes. Just be patient, it gets much better.

  14. Great review! One of the few videos on the HTC 10 without all the spec and speed comparisons. True review coming from a regular everyday user who has an idea of what's going on with their phone.

  15. Props for keeping your previous device for 3 years! That's rare these days! I'm interested how you managed to get a hold of the HTC 10 before it's officially in stores?

  16. I really enjoyed this video and think it's quiet good. One thing I don't understand is why u choose the HTC 10! u seem educated on this topic especially on the differences between the HTC 10 and the S7. I think the S7 edge I S7 would have been the better choice for u… I don't know…..

  17. Tech reviewers don't always consider the pov of regular people, If you get dislikes it's because it's people expecting some sort of a tech review and being harsh on you for forgetting things or not knowing specifics but It's definitely refreshing to see someone who isn't tech savy but still a heavy user come with their pov because there were a bunch of things you would have mentioned that i'm sure none of the tech sites did in their HTC 10 reviews which would affect heaps of the people watching. I too have gone from iPhone to android and even though there is something great about the iPhone and how consistent it is, it does't really match up to a flagship Android phone in the long run… would be good to get an update maybe 3-6 months in to see how you're feeling about it then :)

  18. thank you to everyone who is watching and commenting! <3 I just wanted to make this video because i thought it would be fun and I know that i got some specs wrong and didn't know what some acronyms meant, but i mainly just wanted to make something that wasn't just "3000 mAh, snapdragon 820" i wanted people to know what does it mean. 3000mAh doesnt mean anything to me, tell me how long the battery lasts if its glued to my hand 🙂

    and yes, i was gifted this phone, but i won't be switching back to my iphone and i promise that HTC doesnt know i exist nor did they pay me for this video :D

  19. Thee amount of people that cannot gripe that HTC paid this chick to win over the "casual" consumer is mindblowing. You did a great job however, i also lold at the conditioner part lmao

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