HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Test Comparison Review!

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Another challenge for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, this time it will be going up against the new improve HTC 10 with their new camera. Lets find out which device comes out on top when it comes to camera performance. Enjoy!

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25 Comments on HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Test Comparison Review!

  1. the ois in the htc 10 camera is far better… the s7 is just focusing on your face all the time.. it looked really weird. i want to see the same comparison, if somebody is running next to you… i think than you will see the difference… the s7 is faking an ois while focusing all the time on your face…

  2. I am an HTC 10 owner and I have to admit that the Galaxy S7 won this one by a mile! The only time the HTC 10 won was in extremely low light. It is quite weird how different the colours were! At times on the HTC it almost became black and white! At times the HTC 10 picked up more detail, but generally the S7 had more! Thanks for doing this review.

  3. Thanks for this extensive comparison, that's the way all camera comparisons should be done 🙂

    And for my purpose (stills only, less low light) the HTC 10 definitely wins here. Objectively, the images look really natural and true-to-life, great detail. Samsung's image processing on the S7 goes crazy with oversharpening too often, looks horrible especially in the tree trunk image.

  4. I would prefer HTC 10 from overall prospect, s7 has good cam but overexposes image n loses natural feel,where HTC does better job n mic does grt job to cancelling noise …

  5. The 10 has really aggressive noise cancellation which is nice, but it cuts out all the sound outside of your voice and isn't as loud. The s7 has solid mic setup as well and has a good balance.

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