HTC 10 vs Nexus 6P

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The HTC 10 and the Nexus 6P, arguably the best metal-clad versions of their respective lines, go head to head.

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43 Comments on HTC 10 vs Nexus 6P

  1. I hate using an SD card, so disorganized for pictures especially because Google photos can't delete pictures from your SD card. Also, the only person who is going to get 2 days battery life on any phone hardly uses their phone and hardly has any content on it. Screen on time is a statistic that actually means something.

  2. The 6P was always a dreadful looking device made even worse by the cheap, false looking wood veneer on the device in this video. As far as hardware goes, it wasn't bad but unfortunately this year Android high end devices are so good that the 6P seems irrelevant.

  3. I think the HTC Nexus really needs to have a larger screen with an AMOLED display. The screen is one thing they really got wrong on an otherwise pretty good phone with the HTC 10.

  4. To say that "Nexus 6P is a pretty easy phone to use in one hand" I would like to know how you use your phone?. Let me see you reach the top corners, when you use it with one hand. Even at 6.4 with big hands, the 6P to me, is a struggle to use with one hand.

  5. the low light camera on the Nexus 6p is not very good and the dual front facing speaker is only good when the volume is over 50 % if it's at 20-40℅ the sound is hard to hear. I have the Nexus 6p I like the phone over all I still wish the speakers were better when it's not over 50℅ along with low light camera shots

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