HTC 10 vs iPhone SE hands-on comparison

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It’s HTC 10 vs iPhone SE hands-on comparison time. Say whaaaaat?! Yup, that’s right, we’re pitting the two against each other despite the difference in size and price. Why? Well, they both pack flagship specs, and in a few months time we’re betting they’ll both be about the same price. Specs-wise, HTC’s finest places a heavy focus on sound with Hi-Res audio support, stereo speakers and best-in-class audio recording in video, whether you’re snapping up Full HD or 4K footage. Meanwhile the iPhone SE packs an Apple A9 chipset, a 12mp camera, and NFC for Apple Pay. Which is the winner for you? Did they deserve to be in the same room as each other!?

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  1. i have had my iphone 5s for almost 2 years now and i gotta say i love this thing! it's got a reliable software and hardware…but im wanting to switch to android and i hope the htc 10 will be just as good!

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