HTC 10 vs iPhone 6S Ultimate Comparison!

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Full HTC 10 vs iPhone 6S Comparison! Speed Test, Camera Test, Battery & Features Review. Which Is Better? Which Should You Buy?

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  1. no. that is not how people use a phone one-handed. Pinky under the bottom of the phone, manipulating the panning of the device toward and away from your your palm depending on where you are trying to reach. Doing that, you can reach the top, far corner of a 5.7 inch D
    display with ease.

  2. BIASED! The front facing camera was way sharper on HTC 10. Better skin tones as well. Whereas, you looked sick in iPhone's video due to the yellow tint. And you don't know how to test that speaker.

  3. apple esc features?! tell me apple cock lover what is a "live picture" oh you mean a Zoe??!! oh shit that's right hmm. duck apple they never invented shit just taking other people's recipes and adding their own shit to it. next you'll say it has ois in the front camera bc apple said it one day and HTC heard them. the 10 destroys the 6s.

  4. I don't know much about apple products, but I find it amusing that standard iPhones don't even have (at least) 2000m Ah of battery. That is so little, how does one proceed to own an iPhone?

  5. ? What idiot looks up a review comparing an apple product and an android product, by a guy with achannel called "everything apple pro"? No room for bias here I'm sure ??

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