HTC 10 vs. iPhone 6s – Honest Review

How does the brand new HTC 10 compare to the industry leading iPhone 6s? Find out in this Honest Review.

41 Comments on HTC 10 vs. iPhone 6s – Honest Review

  1. It's sad that such a well done and informative video gets so many mean comments and dislikes just because so many people on the internet don't understand that Apple does actually make great devices. One small criticism i have is that you need to improve the quality of your microphone since your voice is the most important part of these videos but other than that you did a really good job!

  2. if you want a good review of these phone go to pocketnow, this guy is clearly an isheep ( having such a good display and still saying the iphone has the better one, no comment )

  3. Why people don't understand this is your opinion i dont get it. Everyone thinks they know the truth. The comments here are so funny. I find the review honest. Doesn't mean i have to have the same opinion. Good job

  4. I love my HTC10. you know nothing about the 10. it dose have a little dust and water proof. and the HTC is faster at web browsing and the camera is better and sound is better!!

  5. In order to achieve better ergonomics they had to get rid of the lower speaker… The 10 speaker set up is better than 90 percent of the phones out there just for the fact that you have sound still coming at you.

  6. Wait a minute.. Google now and siri mapped to the home button…just because it's not a physical button doesn't make it better. They both serve the same basic function. You're giving the iPhone undue credit for basically have a tactical button with moving parts that over time could stick from spills and general wear…

  7. Laser auto focus a gimmick? You are aware that a laser doesn't require light to find a surface to focus on… Unlike pda which actually needs light to focus on a subject. Laser auto focus is better overall for different lighting conditions.

  8. such a bullshit review very biased, no wonder you only have 17190 subscribers. check Pocketnow comparison of HTC 10 vs iPhone 6s, HTC 10 smashes iPhone 6s in every departments specially camera, screen, audio and HTC 10 is water resistant IP53. BTW Pocketnow has over 1.2 million subscribers cause they are honest with their reviews and comparisons.

  9. The most biased comparison I've seen. You say the Iphone is faster at app opening and you only open games where the Iphone is faster due to better GPU. When you launched Chrome the HTC 10 opened it faster but you didn't comment on that. The HTC 10 is faster at opening system apps and most 3rd party apps. You can do a speed test video to provee wrong but you won't will you? Better screen and better design on the Iphone? Really? You are an Apple fanboy and it is obvious. If you stated that before the review it wouldn't seem that biased but this is annoying

  10. Awsome review. I was thinking of getting a case for my Nexus 5X. Which should I get? I was considering the unicorn beetle pro and the tudia ultra slim. Thanks!

  11. Not a bad review though missing some details like screen resolution and camera hardware details like HTC lowlight performance with ultrapixel. All the same, pretty good presentation.

  12. Good review – One criticism is your app load speed comparison. You need to understand that It's not a fault of the HTC 10 that apps like Crossy Road or Deer Hunter load slow, that's the app developers fault as they have poorly optimized it for Android.

  13. HTC sure back pedaled taking away the stereo audio. I've read Apple is bringing stereo audio on the iPhone 7; although half-assed with the speakers together at the bottom of the phone like the iPads.

  14. the reason that Apple phones update faster than Android or HTC in this case because Apple uses its muscle to tell carriers to update the phones without delay. HTC has no such clout. I agree that the iPhone 6s camera is better than the HTC 10 however iPhone's camera app is long overdue for an update. iPhones are for people that want something that simply works. Android phones are for people who want to customize their phone's to their own liking. Android's ecosystem you can sync your phone across platforms as well. I see no Advantage one way or the other. UBC will soon be the standard for all smartphones including Apple in a few years. as this happens it will be more accessories but for now Apple does have HTC beaten in this category. I thought this was a better comparison then your previous View about the HTC 10. keep up the good work and keep on improving.

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