HTC 10 vs iPhone 6S Full review

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The HTC 10 looks nothing like an iPhone. Let’s just get that out of the way.

Its predecessor, or half-sibling — whatever you wish to call the One A9 — resembled the iPhone 6s in more than a few ways, but much was made about nothing. The two phones were made of single blocks of brushed aluminum, with etched speaker ports, front home buttons and, perhaps most egregious on the part of HTC, a small rounded camera bump.

Whatever. That was then, this is now. HTC has returned with its best phone yet, seven months into Apple’s latest iPhone flagship life cycle. So why compare the two? Because HTC is gunning directly for Apple’s design leadership — and say what you will about Apple, the iPhone, or the latest model, the industry has responded to Apple’s guidance in a big way — and many Android users are looking for alternatives to the Samsung behemoth.

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