HTC 10 vs. iPhone 6s Comparison Smackdown

Lisa Gade compares the HTC 10 Android phone with the iPhone 6s. Check out our video review of the HTC 10 at:
Check out our written review of the HTC 10 at:
Check out our video review of the iPhone 6s at:
Check out our written review of the iPhone 6s at:

37 Comments on HTC 10 vs. iPhone 6s Comparison Smackdown

  1. What Lisa says at the end is exactly what I tell people ask me about one platform or the other. Stick with what you know and are used to unless you really do want to switch. Phones are so good these days that it's hard to find many bad ones.

  2. apple really has to get pass 750p, come on now, 16GB base, no sd card, almost no customization, otherwise its good and very optimized with them designing the hardware and software and managing and licensing all the apps and third party accessories, keeping QUALITY VERY HIGH.
    HTC DID A GREAT JOB, TOO BAD THEY DONT MAKE IOS PHONES, That would push Apple to make better more up to date phones.

  3. I like the review you did with the 10 and iPhone 6s but where is your mobile comparison between the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7????

    Did I miss it? It seems strange that the S7 came out before the 10 and no comparison against the iPhone.

  4. really good job? you people have to be iphone fans because this is a very biased review. First off battery life SUCKS on nor only the iphone 6s but also the 6s+.. In NO way is the iphone on the same level. Oh it performs equally? bullshit, they don't perform equally. Equal performance would come from playing on the same same field together, and that they do not. The HTC 2k resolution field while the 6s is playing on a 720p field. And resolution isn't the only part of the field. If you put the internals of the iphone in the HTC 10 it would burn out over night. Hope on any comparison and you will see the results of the 10's camera is better than that of the iphones. Build quality, even though Apple incorporated HTC'S design in the iphone, it's still No where on the same level of being as durable as the 10.. Everything about the 10 is more expensive, from the materials used on the casing, to the internals. Yet Apple will charge a way higher price for 64 gigs of internal storage, hundreds more forward 128 gigs. You can easily put a lot more storage on the 10 for hundreds less. It's almost a joke that people would spend that type of money for a far worse phone.

  5. What about Battery life in the new HTC 10?
    I currently have the HTC 9, and as everyone knows, the battery life crappy.
    Hopefully they have fixed that issue with the 10.
    Also, what about dual speakers and the built-in FM radio?
    Did HTC get rid of those two things as well?

  6. I can make it through 2 days EASILY with moderate use with my iPhone 6s. Not even sugar coating. I got the TSMC chip which gives the 6S a bit better battery life than the Samsung chip tho.

  7. LOL I laughed when she basically stumbled on the RAM differences. Basically saying RAM doesn't matter. And how is this a snack down when she ends the video with "it really comes down to preference." What a crock of shit. I should have known with that ridiculous opening ad for Nomad whom which makes APPLE ONLY peripherals….

  8. HTC looks like 90's technology. Look at that please come on! 6s clearly winner looks beautiful and modern. Apple products yes always extremely expensive but always better looking and better performances and better in long term use. I still using my Iphone 5 day one i was buy. I just change battery last year nothing else. More than 4 years I believed still working fast. (Sorry for English I'm Esl guy)

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