HTC 10 vs Huawei P9 4GB RAM – Speed Test Comparison Review!

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Speed test comparison between the #1 Android device, the HTC 10 going up against a great contender the Huawei P4 with 4GB of RAM. Lets find out which one comes out on top. Enjoy!

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35 Comments on HTC 10 vs Huawei P9 4GB RAM – Speed Test Comparison Review!

  1. Ouch, that was painful to watch! It's a pretty phone and I have a soft soft in my heart for HTC but the 10 was completely slaughtered. Huawei seriously needs to rethink their Emui though… or not, Asian market is much bigger than the western one and they are used to skins with no app drawer, etc.

  2. the ultimate test would be your S7 Edge with the P9….i really can't believe how good the Kirin is, beating the mighty Qualcomm(the benchmarks don't show it) and how well optimised the P9 is. Leaving the Nexuses apart, it seems like Huawei has the best software optimisation of all android phones, who would have thought that…3 years ago they were anonymus, funny how things change :)

  3. Great video and I am shocked to see the Huawei P9 beating the unbeatable HTC 10. Luckily I have the P9 as well and my HTC 10 will be here at some point this week. Can't wait to test it myself. Thanks a lot for a great video ??

  4. Wow! 25:8… Looks like HTC got crushed into the ground O.o It's funny that the cheapest flagship of 2016 lost only to SGS7. It shows that benchmarks aren't really reliable in real life. Nice work, bro

  5. LBS that was both shocking and funny after your introduction…the HTC is the best nothing comes close the optimisation and cooling, etc. Then you run the test and the HTC is running so damn hot you can fry and egg on it. And next, after the fanfare HTC10 badly gets its ass kicked by a humble Hauwei 10. Hahaha.
    Oh dear, kind of cruel especially after the rave review about HTC10 being so much better than Samsung's S9.
    If the ranked champs keep getting knocked out by under dogs, then there is not much between champs and contenders anymore.

  6. Usually before I buy a phone I would wait til everyone has released their flagship but this year the s7 edge just struck gold. 3600 mah battery? say whaaaa? get the hell outta of here

  7. you guys should know that htc knows that you will not be able to buy a stove after buying the HTC 10. that's why it heats up so much. only htc cares that much about us.

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