HTC 10 vs. Galaxy S7 vs. LG G5

How about a ridiculously long, 20-minute comparison of the HTC 10, Galaxy S7, and LG G5? Yep, here it is.

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  1. Funny about water resistance, I had my HTC One m8 dunked half way of Coors light beer and waited until it dried off. Its working perfectly but yeah I will never do that again even with my nexus 6 which is in a good wallet cover that will prevent it from getting in a cup from its size lol

  2. Since I'm not an iPhone fanboy Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s are head to head Wow Everyone is telling iPhone is best Samsung is best HTC and LG their both good phones but Samsung and Apple are so against each other and making the iPhone 7s and Samsung Galaxy S8 well idk what to say but rumors are telling Samsung wins

  3. This was a very nice review of all of the phones showed. Just got the HTC 10, the buttons are annoying low and I know what you mean about the lock button placement. I was not impressed with the weaksauce camera, it can't handle a lot of contrast and seems to leave a lot in the shadows.

  4. —-this is a cry for help:

    I really dont know what to do… i need help, I have been using an old m7 for about 2 years now, awesome phone, it still works like a charm, but the batterie is kinda dying, and i dont blame it, i have used it a lot, i mean A LOT. So now im having troubble making my choise to the next phone, and im pretty sure im not the only 1 with this same problem, which phone to choose…

    I dont know if i should go for the m10, since i really liked the m7 im pretty sure ill be happy aswell with the 10, problem is that there are a few things i really liked about the s7edge, i dont like samsung and i dislike touchwiz, i love sense but s7 edge has water and dust resistant, it has that sexy curved screen that works as light notifications when facing down, the wireless charging its lovely, same as the dual sim function, the shortcuts thing is nice, the camera is a little better than the htc 10… Then if i think about it, the htc10 is more resistant to drops, i have never had a water resistant phone before and to be honest i really didnt need it so far, its more the times that i drop my phone than the times i could fuck up my phone with water (never so far), the htc10 finger print its better because you dont have to press the button to actually unlock the screen, talking about the screen the s7 screen is awesome, not that the htc10 has a bad screen but lets face it, samsungs screen rocks a lot, its just that i dont LIKE SAMSUNG, i love HTC, and i really dont think i would be dissapointed with the 10, but then again i would love to try the new features samsung has to offer…. I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK TO DO, HELP!

  5. i have the galaxy s6 and it blew me away… My dumb ass decided to root my s6 however and when i took it into verizon for a new one (i broke it by dropping it 2 stories) they couldn't do anything for me but restart my contract and give me a new s6…. So now im stuck with this until April 2017 I can only hope that the s8 will be out by then.

  6. Fucking Bullshit Review, HTC is definetly better in Low Light. Take a better look…Samsung is so boring, but still everyone hypes it. HTC does great phones, I'll never switch back to Samsung. Love my HTC Phone.

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