HTC 10 Update: After a Month!

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43 Comments on HTC 10 Update: After a Month!

  1. ur review sucks.. it doesn't take 2 seconds to switch the camera from the front to the rear. iPhone 7 is not out yet. smh… why are u reviewing phones? u can swipe to open the phone u don't need to double tab..

  2. Hey vivian…the reason why the tempered glass doesn't cover the entire surface (specifically the edges) is because there needs to be that tiny gap for external cases to cling to, otherwise the glass will lift if you remove the case from time to time. My tempered glass is the same for my nexus 6p but I don't mind since I use a sleeve i hate cases with a passion and am cautious of where and how i place my phone. ANyways, great phone you have there. I live HTC's build quality. Very solid and reassuring. Plus you have OIS in the back AANNDD front camera. I'm sure software updates will speed up opening the camera. I use Nova too…..its clean,lightweight, and you can customize certain actions. Not sure about your keyboard issue, but have you tried Swype? Or perhaps delve into the Settings itself under "Language and Input"

  3. don't think it's fair to name your video and "HTC 10 REVIEW" when your only complaining about things "Android" does not necessarily the 10 it's gonna be the same Android experience or close to it any Android phone you get…

  4. Who is asking you to review this phone. Why are they asking an iPhone person to review this phone. So basically you don't like this phone, because it doesn't operate like your iPhone. Nice review.

  5. I enjoyed your video it is the first I have watched but I will subscribe because it's a breath of fresh air you did not run in the specs down our throats and talk about all of the many things that most people do with phone reviews you talked about what made the phone good or bad based on your experience and you did it in a fun way good job

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