HTC 10 Unboxing and First Impressions

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28 Comments on HTC 10 Unboxing and First Impressions

  1. Loved this video..Moreover I would love to learn a deeper analysis into the various capacities and performance of this phone, particularly the battery performance, with due consideration to the configurations and processor and features..Thanks!

  2. I started using HTC m7 and they never had the Android OS easter egg and I don't know why. About the back button, it really annoys me specially if you're on facebook as sometimes you will accidentally like something but you're just trying to go back but I think there's an option to switch it to the right on HTC 10

  3. Hi,
    How is the vibration?
    I mean, does it have a powerfull vibration that can be easely felt?

    My Nexus 5 had good vibration, seemd as the vibrator was turning slower then most phones. Not sure how to describe it.
    My Nexus 5x has a "faster spinning" vibrator, so it isnt as easy to feel in the pocket..

    Hope you know what i mean.. :-)

  4. Isn't Samsung the only one that has back and recent apps buttons switched? You're acting like HTC is the outlier, pretty sure every other android phone is that way

  5. Remember back in the day when I had Nokia 3310 (3210), and the back button was on the left, then later with the coming of smartphones it switched to the right side which was really annoying. Glad to see it is back where it's supposed to be?

  6. Back and multitask buttons are not "reversed" as you say. Left back and right multitask is standard android configuration. It's only Samsung that switches those buttons around to have right back button and left multi task.

  7. If the arrow on the "Back" button points to the left, then naturally the button should be on the left. Take a look at anything with "Back/Previous/Rewind" and "Forward/Next/Fast-Forward" buttons… Its common sense.

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