HTC 10: Things to Consider

HTC’s flagship this year has had some awesome upgrades, improvements and additions over previous generations. This year, HTC might have a very strong contender!

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41 Comments on HTC 10: Things to Consider

  1. too bad HTC is following samsung in the size dept, ide buy the 10 if it wasnt so large. Z5 compact was great, but it costed the same as the z5, with a 720p screen… I personally still use my m7 as a daily driver, perfect size and durability. android is seriously letting me down in terms of size of phones.

  2. Very solid review but for 700 and no boom speakers, sub par battery and still weaker camera compared to Galaxy…cosmetics aside my HTC Max is better.

  3. I really like this phone looks awesome! Only thing is I use a iPhone 6s plus and I don't think I would ever go back to a smaller phone. I am so used to the phablet size. Maybe my next phone will be either the note 6 or the next iPhone phablet.

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