HTC 10 Review: Welcome Back HTC!

HTC’s argument for the 10 is rather interesting. The company claims that general smartphones sales are down because the wow factor is gone. The strategy with the 10 is to challenge that, and it’s time to see if it walks the talk.

If 10 is for perfection, then a very tall order is being placed on the HTC 10. The company has come a long way to re-invent itself, and some products would even make you think it got lost in the process. The 10 is the company’s new proposition towards an obsession that it’s been teasing for weeks, and so far, the obsession has paid off.

Watch our full review to learn more.


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27 Comments on HTC 10 Review: Welcome Back HTC!

  1. I wish these manufacturers would stop putting the headphone jack on the TOP of the phone. It belongs on the bottom next to the charging port. This is the reason I'm going back to the M8 from a Nexus 6P. It's so annoying, especially in the car.

  2. not saying this is a bad phone but im kinda confused. htc say they wanna bring the wow factor back yet theres really nothing this phone has that makes it stand out from the rest. the new software features to stop bloatware is nice but its not game changing. the camera is nothing special and without HTCs famous boomsound dual speakers its hard to understamd the overwhelming attraction people have to this device. i have the m9 and in my eyes it getting dragged through the dirt way too much considering that the 10 really isnt that much better yet is so highly rated.

  3. Great video! I wonder if you could answer something for me (unable to find on any other review videos), do the HTC 10 and S7 support hotword detection when screen is off? This was a feature on Moto X and I had heard all 820 processors should support it, but unable to find any information on this…

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