HTC 10 Review: The Ultimate Comeback?

Announced earlier this week, the HTC 10 is a carefully considered, obsessively crafted vision that HTC has been so earnestly trying to realize. It takes everything we loved about the One lineup and introduces some bright new ideas.

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22 Comments on HTC 10 Review: The Ultimate Comeback?

  1. I am from Thailand and I have using HTC for about 3-4 years now. The marketing here is bad; little people know of my phone and its brand. However, due to my personal experience with HTC, I am loyal to it. I have recently bought the HTC 10 from a local store that imports devices from abroad. I believe the one I'm using is from Taiwan and I love using it as my daily driver. Everything seems great so far…except the fact that the HTC Thailand seems rarely active about such great devices on the global market!

  2. I don't understand. HTC was always known for its fabulous"" dual front facing speakers and how every phone needed them. Now the HTC 10 has ONE speaker placed on the bottom and it's not a problem? Samsung is always ragged on for the same speaker placement, but HTC and iPhone aren't? I'm not crazy about Samsung, but fair is fair.

  3. I like how he said that the edges look a lot different in real life. They look ugly in videos but I looked at it in a Verizon store earlier today and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  4. LG G5 IS THE BEST SMARTPHONE IN OVERALL COMPARISON OUT THERE. htc been struggling for so long but they finally put something good in the table for us, i personaly just Dont like the looks, i think they could've done something better in terms in looks. i think is ugly.

  5. Hey man. I have the HTC M7. I got it in 2013. I had to replace the original because some chocolate got into the front speakers Christmas 2014. I have been impressed with the phone up til the time that the replacement that they sent me started to run hot every time i'm on the internet or the battery life drains quickly because I'm on the internet. Is battery life and heat problems a known problem with HTC brand. Does SAMSUNG have that problem? Every time I text now there is a 3-5 second delay on my HTC when the word is spelled out. Now the speakers aren't that loud. I'm starting to think that its time to get a new phone. I tend to be an active person: swimming, running, sweating, walking, multitasking, jumping, etc. Im also a teacher so I tend to spend time on my phone when the little brats are doing their work. I go to school at night also and I look up school info on my phone. The M7 was my first smart phone. I like the brand but how does HTC M10 stack up to the new S7?  EDGE? I really wish HTC would have made their M10 water resistant as well.

  6. HTC are back… I am very happy about this. I bought an HTC M8s in December. Within a week, I swapped it for the Sony XPERIA Z5. It is superior in every way. I would rather have had the M8 over the M8s and the Z5, but it was no longer available. I didn't want the M9 because I'd used it before and it was, well, shockingly bad, especially in comparison to my M7. I've had loads of HTC's over the years, and they've all been great until the M8s, but after 2 years of bad phones, they seem to be going in the right direction again

  7. Thanks for the review! My last three phones were HTC (Desire HD, One X and One M8) and I loved them. Only issue was the cameras and I was hoping HTC would improve it or I'd switch to Samsung for my next phone. If the camera is as good as the reviews so far are saying, I'll stick with HTC.

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