HTC 10 Review – Better than the Galaxy S7?

Review of the HTC 10 after a month of daily use with the updated camera software.
Is it better than the Samsung Galaxy S7? LG G5? Nexus 6P?
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34 Comments on HTC 10 Review – Better than the Galaxy S7?

  1. Finally someone who agrees with me! I've been seeing a lot of reviews that talk about this phone like it's a bad one but this review is awesome!

  2. I actually do like black fronts on white phones. With white phones the camera, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, and speaker grille just add visual burden.

    Wish we had both options at any rate.

  3. That was a really nice review. Easy to listen to you.
    I think the phone is the best overall phone (although too expensive IMO).. but I would still choose the G5, just for the camera.
    The 6P, the HTC 10, the S7 .. it's all the same in term of camera.. sure , the S7 has really fast focus. All of them do a really good job at it but the G5 just offers more. I didn't think I will use the wide angle that much but It's really just amazing to have it. I wish the G5 had the HTC 10's build, would have been perfect.
    BTW, I just discovered that the G5 does support Adoptable storage and that in direct sunlight, there is a super brightness boost that kicks in few seconds after you put in under direct :)

  4. The only thing that is bad about Touchwiz now is its default look, which thankfully can be completely changed to look more stock thanks to the built in theme store. In terms of performance it's a lot more lean and zippy then what it once was. In fact I would put it on par with Sense. Actually it would be nice if we could uninstall duplicate apps as well, but other then that, complaining about Touchwiz should be a thing of the past.

  5. My first ever comment on Youtube ever, is to let you know how much i loved your review.

    Keep up the good work man. You have original opinions, and for one, you've taken some nice shots for the camera comparisons 🙂 I love this phone too, and i'm just waiting for it to be available in the Singaporean markets.

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