HTC 10 Impressions After 72 Hours!

Been using the HTC 10 as my daily driver for about 72 hours now and wanted to give everyone some thoughts, including a quick camera test! Full review coming soon, be sure to subscribe:

HTC 10 Unboxing:

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48 Comments on HTC 10 Impressions After 72 Hours!

  1. As for the camera I think it's great. I prefer the camera on my Note for some shots and some are nicer on the 10. Bother devices take great pictures on bright Sunny days. The problem I have with both devices is how easily the sky can get blown out if it's not a perfect clear sky. The 10 handles it slightly better but nothing to be impressed about. My bro got the G5 and I live how lg handles those situations. Of the major players with smartphones, LG is doing it best with the camera. Beings the camera is not the most important for me, I would say the 10 is the all around best phone of the 3. Just wish HTC would give you 2 options because I prefer the bigger screens.

  2. This is the first review were I heard someone say that the fingerprint scanner isn't as fast as other devices. From all the test I seen its one of the fastest. I have the Note5 and comparing it to my 10 the Note5 scanner is a joke. Actually keep it off on the Note because of constant issues with saying my print is not recognized or having to move my thumb around till I find the sweet spot. I have NO issue with the 10, very accurate and fast. HTC definitely paid a lot of attention to hardware.

  3. I usually live by the quote " If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all"", but seriously, you complain about a rough textured pwr button and a strong vibration, these are great features.
    What are you sort of girly man?

  4. I do agree about the vibration. Even though I couldn't hear the vibration strength, my HTC one m7 makes really strong vibrations. When i rooted it (thank you for that rooting video it helped me a lot; except that I had to use a more recent su version because you're version kept failing because of the newer hboot I am guessing) I made sure to tone it down xD

  5. the power button is a little rough on the thumb and the vibrator motor is too strong? LMAO!!!! actually I like both those features an overall the 10 is a great phone but I do sorely miss the front facing speakers like I had on the M7 I think HTC messed up by removing them to hell with that fingerprint scanner I want my front facing speakers back lol

  6. The only thing I dislike about the phone is the camera. It just doesn't seem that great. Even without photo/video comparisons just looking at this video shows how much detail is lacking.

  7. Great video. About the vibration, it must be better to have a too powerful one, instead of a vibration that's too weak, like the one on my Nexus 6p? I can't have my phone on vibration if I'm expecting a call or text. Unless I have the phone in my hand, there is no way I'm feeling that vibration… I would much rather have a too powerful vibration motor, at least you can use it for something…

  8. The video looks superb with your sample, walking up to your dog is extremely impressive! my question is how were you holding it? and why are everyone else's HTC 10 videos don't look that smooth?

    Have you tried double tapping the power button to get to the camera? native marshmallow feature, might not be on the 10 though.

    I see FB took up most of your battery lol!, why am I not surprised 😛

    Have you tried any usb-c to hdmi adapters? I'd like to see more reviewers do more with usb-c than just mentioning fast charging and the like. How bout a G5 to HTC 10 data transfer test? I dunno! something cool 😛

    Lookin' forward to more vids from you on the 10 :D

  9. Man, that hi-res audio recording is so nice. It was so hard to choose between this and the Galaxy S7, but it was the IP68 certification that pulled me to the GS7 in the end.

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