HTC 10 Honest Review

A fresh look at the new HTC 10 smartphone. How does it stand up against a tough crowd in 2016?

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  1. To say HTC copied Apple is misleading. Yes, some inspiration was taken from the Iphone but it's nothing in comparison to what other OEMS have taken from HTC. Apple's Live Photos are essentially an HTC Zoe clone, the 2.5D glass of the Iphone 6 was first seen on the droid DNA from HTC, the Antenna lines and metal unibody were ripped from HTC, etc.

  2. the camera test done on this video is inadequate. dude is comparing a single photo and nothing else.
    DxO is around for a reason.
    my advice to the other viewers is to try the phone yourself and don't accpet just one guy's single photo test.

  3. Verizon sells the phone for $548 in the states. if you trade in an old phone, you can save even more.

    As for the video, I feel it is not good at all. There really is no copying and the camera is really good.

    apple needs to break the mold and get a new design.

    sorry but this video is a thumbs down.

    Also you need to breathe and slow down. break up your talk a little. you make it very hard to listen to your whole video.

    kitchen is not natural real world light.

  4. it's not a copy, it doesn't look similar. htc had to put one of the speakers on the bottom because of the physical buttons and the other one is on the top. Also, Samsung wasnt the first phone with capacitive buttons

  5. Sorry this isn't an honest review it's an ill informed review. HTC was the first to bring metal unibody design to phones not Apple. The M10 gets a fingerprint sensor (much rather have it there than the back) so the speaker has to move to the bottom right. It isn't a copycat move its more of common sense. Secondly to call the performance marginally better than the Nexus 5X and justifying it with one not so graphic intensive test is incorrect. When you have several apps open see how sluggish the 5X gets with just 2GB RAM. Also the HTC 10 uses way more premium materials and advanced components compared to the 5X and thus costs more. It has a micro sd slot which the 5X doesn't. Also don't forget the uhoh protection included for the first year. The software is closest to stock Android so kudos to HTC on addressing that. The only thing honest about this review is the camera performance. Hopefully HTC can fix that with software updates since the underlying hardware is top notch.

  6. This review states the opposite for the most part of what others reviews have established. Other reviews praise the camera and are a little bit unimpressed with the battery life but this one raves about the battery life and shits on the camera. I disagree with that. Plus, the complaint about it looking like the iPhone is pathetic at best. Other complaints and praises are nicely mentioned and true though.

  7. Great review bro. It's a shame the masses are so fuckin stupid that the only way to be successful is to schill. I absolutely agree with you, the camera has been shit for too long, removing boomsound was suicide, and there are no real reasons to buy this phone over the competition. I'm gunna hold onto my m7 for another year.

  8. Fair enough if you didn't enjoy the phone and wouldn't spend the money on it, but I felt some of your comments were clearly biased towards Apple, which makes me doubt how open minded you were when reviewing the phone. Also, when you compared the back of the phone to the iPhone and called it a clone, you're showing your Apple ignorance – this design language with the antenna bands at the back was on the M7 in 2013. And surprise, surprise, Apple had a similar design for the 6 in 2014. You also don't even get into the audio capabilities of the phone, both speaker wise and with the 24bit DAC, when audio is a stand out feature of HTC flagships.

  9. It seems as a good devices to me. Not an HTC fan at all. I guess a round or squared phone would have made it for you… it wouldnt have been a copy of any phone. SMH… You are setting the expectations too high if you want a new design. Everything has been done pretty much.

  10. Your review is uninformed, it is clear you do not know the history of HTC and Apple. HTC was the pioneer of metallic design with antennas at the back, which apple and many other companies 'copied'. Htc also had capacitive touch buttons even on the M7 so it did not 'copy' Samsung. You might be right about the camera that it not at par with other flagships in the market but it is definitely not crappy.

    To be honest I can see you innately prefer apple and the whole apple ecosystem which gets you biased towards it, which is all right. Just don't call your channel honest reviews.

  11. This and the Verge is the only negative reviews I've seen of the HTC 10 out of the hundreds of positive reviews I've watched of this device. Safe to say, your completely wrong with this review

  12. lol Honest review.. Sounds more like a venting session for someone that has a lot of frustration in their life. So many issues with this "honest" review I don't know where to start. Its been well documented that HTC was first to rock devices with all aluminum bodies and antenna bands. No one said a word with apple followed suit after abandoning the Glass sandwich (Iphone 4's) design that Samsung is now trying to pass off as innovation. HTC has made a phone that has a lot more great features unfortunately if you are an unsophisticated review channel you fail to tell people about the features that make this device different that everything you compared it to.. To sit there and say you don't get anything with an HTC device is nothing short of uninformed. HTC provides a great warranty on its devices…. one your replacement or $100 towards your next device. The way a lot of people are getting phones one year is perfect.

    No mention of any of the stuff that make HTC different Adoptable storage, Customization, high res audio.. Real review sites know its not about how loud the external speaker is.. its how clear it is when its loud. You complain about the camera based on one random picture. that isn't real world use. that is a generalization with nothing other than one pic to support it. Sites that compare phones in a manner that shows which phone is the best misses the point that there is not one perfect phone, Which is why some people by a GS7 and some buy a GS7 edge. Different strokes for different folks.

    You can't do a good review in 11 mins when you spend 8 mins complaining about stuff the phone doesn't have compared to your daily driver.

  13. he has some good points, however, HTC was the first to come out with the unibody aluminum design before Apple with the iPhone 6. in addition with the buttons placement, they had to compromise with adding a fingerprint scanner which is what most users wanted. the only downside about this phone is the price for me.

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