HTC 10 Hands-on & Mini-Review

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HTC 10. is the latest flagship phone. from HTC. With 24-bit Hi-Res sound; & the world’s first Optical Image Stabilization in both front and back cameras. Find out more in the vid & below

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HTC 10:

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28 Comments on HTC 10 Hands-on & Mini-Review

  1. One thing got me confused, Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 supposed to fill up a battery of 2750mAh something capacity with 80-85% in just 35 mins. It says in Qualcomm's website. So why in HTC's website, quick charge 3.0 claiming to charge just 50% in 30 mins? Please clarify, I hope it's just a typo or else if not, HTC 10 doesn't really support QC 3.0. If the info here and in the website is true, it doesn't even closely resemble results for a QC 2.0 which fills up about 60% in 30 mins. I hope it's only an error on HTC's advertising or in Qualcomm's advertising as well, maybe.

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