HTC 10 hands-on first impressions

We go hands on with HTC’s flagship smartphone for 2016, the HTC 10. The HTC 10 features an all aluminum unibody design, Snapdragon 820, 5.15″ display, and lots of additional goodies. Read more:

27 Comments on HTC 10 hands-on first impressions

  1. M10 looks good but C'mon HTC….5.2 inches….its time to get on big boy status!!!! At least 5.5 inch display. I'm 5'10" 206 lbs and can reach all my icons and buttons just fine on my S6E+ which is 5.7" . I hate it when they say….its small so that you reach everything with your thumb.SMH. I still have my M8 and thats what really ticked me off about that device….TINY!

  2. Boring phone just another same old phone that looks like their previous ones even worse no front facing speakers. HTC ARE DEAD. They are embarrassing now and should stop making phones. I would never buy their crap.

  3. no boom sound,no IR blaster ya blew it
    why the fuck do these retarded companies just keep making their products shittier and shittier and keep on removing features and why do their even more retarded fan bases continue to out up with their shit?
    serious what does it cost to add a n IR led probably like a fraction of a penny, no reason to remove features that cost almost zero to put in

  4. great review. I'm really interested in how those speakers sound. the tweeter looks like it might be really loud, and the bottom speaker is all bass? it should sound fantastic bitch.

  5. So, along with removing duplicate software they also removed the awful duplicate speakers from the front?

    Oh wait, those weren't awful. They were the single feature separating the M-line from all the other flagships…

  6. I really like that phone's spesifications, optimizations and customization options and many things. But I wish front side can look better than that. For example fingerprint sensor can stay behind of chasis, we can use our index finger to unlock that device…

  7. One thing got me confused, Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 supposed to fill up a battery of 2750mAh something capacity with 80-85% in just 35 mins. It says in Qualcomm's website. So why in HTC's website, quick charge 3.0 claiming to charge just 50% in 30 mins? Please clarify, I hope it's just a typo or else if not, HTC 10 doesn't really support QC 3.0. If the info here and in the website is true, it doesn't even closely resemble results for a QC 2.0 which fills up about 60% in 30 mins. I hope it's only an error on HTC's advertising or in Qualcomm's advertising as well, maybe.

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