HTC 10 – Full Review! (4K)

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HTC 10 Full Review. The HTC 10 is more than just the company’s flagship smartphone for 2016. It is what will hopefully bring HTC back on its feet after years of losing precious market share. Knowing this, HTC has done its best to make the 10 as awesome as possible. The phone has the looks and specs to impress, while the software, based on Android 6.0, promises a smooth, fun user experience. Furthermore, the HTC 10 and its reinvented UltraPixel camera hope to wow us with its images and videos. Alas, the front-facing stereo speakers have been dropped, but instead, we’re given dedicated woofer and tweeter, powered by individual amplifiers

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29 Comments on HTC 10 – Full Review! (4K)

  1. Why You don't talk about device personalization and built in theme engine? why not in a full review??? please talk about personalization and theme engine every full review of every devices samsungs+huawei+Htc+Sony

  2. Im seeing so many different reviews for this phone…..mine came in the mail but fedex messed up and it got sent back to HTC…. Now I am debating if I should get it or not.  I have been told to get the nexus 6P instead or the s7 as they seem better in the camera and apps deperttment.   What to do?  I am presently using a nextbit robin but I wanted a flagship from one of the big boysalso…what about the camera speed?  no lag?

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