HTC 10 first impressions, Android N number & more – Pocketnow Daily

– LG invites developers to create their own G5 add-on modules (with a catch or two)
– Android goes hands-free as Google opens Voice Access testing
– Samsung thinks it knows what version number Android N will release as
– Next batch of Android flagships could jump to Snapdragon 823 with up to 8GB RAM
– HTC 10 goes up for pre-orders stateside directly from the OEM at $700

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about how LG’s Friends are now open for third-parties. Then we talk about some recent changes that Google brings to its accessibility features. Samsung follows as the company teases the future number of Android N in a leak. Then we get details on the…

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  1. I have waited so much for the Htc One m10 or just 10 IDK ahahahah I love it! I wish it will be my next smartphone but the problem is the price… Gosh 799€ is to much for me.. I think I should wait… Or maybe I could buy the Htc 10 Lifestyle! IDK yet.

  2. I am big fan of HTC design. But past some year’s htc don’t give better competitive price in India and some late entry in Indian market. And don’t forget about worst camera in flagship phone. But now with better camera and home key as galaxy phones. My next phone will be HTC 10.

  3. I don't think it looks THAT much different as compared to the One M series other than a round camera and, yes, a large chamfer around the device. The front of the phone looks a bit derivative, resembling the S6/S7. That's not to say it's ugly or completely disappointing, rather, since this was THE phone to turn HTC around, I was expecting a more… Radical departure from their current design language. Of course, we'll have to wait for sales numbers to see if people actually like it. It just doesn't stand out when you have devices as great as the S7 and 6P.

  4. Best HTC phone since the M7. If it wasn't for the camera, which even took pink low light shots on my model, the M7 would still be my daily driver. So here I am with my Nexus 5.

  5. htc 10 looks really nice i liked my m7 and m8 but have been using mid-range phones like the one-plus one xiaomi redmi note 2 and recently the moto x pure addition about 350-450 dollar phones have gotten really good and i dont see myself buying a $700 handset again.

  6. I'll say it this way, the Htc 10 is likely the best phone of early this year, but the modular G5 and Waterproof+wireless charge S7 still will likely attract more customers.

  7. Bezels are the only things that are stopping me from buying this beauty.. Seriously, if in 2013 LG can pull off 76% screen to body ratio in its G2, it shouldn't be that hard for manufacturers in 2016.

  8. the HTC one m10 looks horrible. it seems as if htc put a bunch of other company features and put them onto this phone. yes I know the whole htc and iPhone situation but at this point it's too late to claim it as your idea.

  9. My first Android phone was the HTC One M7. I always loved HTC Sense, and it sounds like the Sense version on the HTC 10 is even better. But my issue with HTC is not their OS skin, but the awful cameras they've been putting in their phones. It's the reason why I didn't get the M8 when my M7 died. I'm hoping that the 10's camera knocks it out of the park so I can come back to the OS I prefer.

  10. Hi. Coz the manufacturers will listen to you, can you pls pls make a video asking android phone makers to offer their flagship devices in 3k, 7k and 10k mAh variants. Coz storage, weather , looks all departments checked. Fast charging, external battery packs, power saving modes only take the mobility out of a mobile phone or make them dumb. Plus a flagship android with say 7k built in battery is equal to iphone 6s plus with a case on it. You get the point, right…. Just think, Samsung note 6 with 10k battery would truly make it the ultimate productive tool. A true "World Phone", i mean literally one could go around the world once without having to use a charger….. Am sure many of us would jump to catch that 10k battery phone… Pls pls pls do make this video.

  11. It looks really good, but true HTC fans want unique features that were always a benchmark for their devices. Things like Boomsound speakers, two tone color combinations, a kickstand, and an advanced version of Sense.

  12. hmmmm… i will got it as my new Phone
    but iam feel bad about
    1- S-LCD screen
    2- Rear Camera
    3- Not Hi-Fi Audio (hi-res?)
    but in good way
    1- 5.2 QHD ♥
    2-3000 m/ab ♥
    3- sanse 8 ♥
    4- m7 designs♥
    5- top salfe Cam

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