HTC 10 explained by HTC VP of Design

Claude Zellweger, Head of Design at HTC, sits down with Android Central to talk about the HTC 10. Read more:

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42 Comments on HTC 10 explained by HTC VP of Design

  1. I honestly think HTC get screwed by lackluster reviews.
    All their flagships have been great and better than LG, Sony and Samsung phones. Even in camera department the others are just marginally better.

  2. Every me to phones now have a plain and bland back.. This imo is beautifully crafted.. chamfered edges is the bomb.. HTC already took my money and now am patiently waiting for May to hurry up so I get this bad boy in the mail..

  3. This could be my next phone. I like the looks. The specs look solid. The software looks promising. Adaptable SD card expansion is a big deal for me. I've never had an HTC smartphone in the past but this could be the one that could make me a fan. I'm eagerly waiting for an in depth review of this device. I just hope that camera is good enough. No more compromising. I hope HTC nail it!

  4. Best looking phone ever was the HTC Droid DNA. That thing was perfect…. but very slow. Glad to see the menu buttons are off the screen and back on the bottom of the phone where they belong. Everything since the M7 got it completely wrong.

  5. I don't know why but those chamfer edges on the back don't appeal to me.. I really want to like it but from the videos and photos I can't. It'll be interesting to see the phone in person. Maybe I'll change my view of it.

  6. I guess that we can't find a perfect phone at all. This time htc makes everything to produce phone with amazing features but in my opinion, this phone can't compete with the previous 3 phones in design. Although, it's not that bad

  7. Hi there, I'm from Portugal! Love the HTC 10, but I'm very disappointed that the Silver/Black Front combo version is exclusive to USA market. Can you guys from "Android Central" confirm with HTC if there is any chance to bring the "Silver/Black Front version – as shown in the video above – to European market? Cheers :D

  8. Like many people, I wasn't a fan of the M9, but the HTC 10 definitely seems like it'll be a great device. Hopefully the reviews are as positive as the majority of first impressions I've seen.

  9. Front facing speakers! The best bit of HTC is missing, i just don't get it – it's like the equivalent of Apple releasing next iPhone without the App store. It's the single best feature left out!

  10. I think this is the moment for HTC to shine again. I really dig the look. Hopefully the camera will be great.
    To bad HTC doesnt have a big budget for marketing like Samsung. HTC used to be my favorite brand, maybe it will be once again

  11. "We wanted to make a phone that's very recognizable as an HTC phone."
    True for the back, absolutely not true for the generic front of the device (Xiaomi, Lenovo, Samsung).
    I still like the phone in general. I think it's a good alternative to the S7.

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