HTC 10 case: Spigen Crystal Shell

Your HTC 10 *needs* a case. Believe me. My first HTC 10 had tiny dents and scratches in the metal within hours. And I was being careful! So I ordered this Spigen Chrystal Shell to prevent further damage.

I bought the Spigen Chrystal Shell case for HTC 10. I didn’t receive it for free to review it. So completely independent opinion in this video!

About the Spigen Chrystal Shell for HTC 10:

*The case is drop tested ‘military grade’, but I always take claims like that with a grain of salt
*It’s a lot like the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case, but with extra protected corners
*It is a nice case, though. It doesn’t add too much bulk and it doesn’t feel cheap. So you still have a premium experience while using the HTC 10.
*The 1.2 mm lip helps you to protect your screen when placed face down on a table.

The case is all see through, and indeed chrystal clear. The gold of my HTC 10 makes it seem a bit yellowish, but it’s not at all. At least not yet. I really like how the…

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