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– Samsung said to have shipped 9.5 million Galaxy S7 units in just three weeks
– Foldable 7 to 5-inch Samsung smartphone expected in stores next year
– LG G5 build controversy clarified: that’s paint, not plastic, over the metal unibody
– Retail availability hasn’t done much to help iPhone SE sales
– HTC hypes “best BoomSound yet” for the HTC 10

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about Samsung’s current sales figures for the Galaxy S7. Then we talk about Samsung’s foldable smartphone plans, which now seem to include a tablet. LG is next as the G5 controversy was recently addressed by the company. Then…

41 Comments on HTC 10 BoomSound tease, Galaxy S7 sales & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. You are right. HTC revolutionized front facing BoomSound speakers. And now that they got the camera right and other things, they cut it out. Bad idea. What differenciates them from others now?

    I'm sure the sound is good, but I doubt it's stereo. Because you can't generate stereo out of bass. Since the M7 I said I'd never have a cell phone without stereo speakers again. Now I will get the Alcatel 4S. It has still awesome 3.6 watts front facing stereo speakers. And a sweet 5.5 inch amoled display.

  2. I have an HTC M8. I chose HTC for its speakers. The sound and volume coming from my phone is awesome. Thanks to some free streaming on my network I mostly use my phone for YouTube, Netflix, cable tv and music. I'm not big on getting the lastest and greatest when it comes to phones, but I can't wait to see HTC 10…

  3. Speakers are the main thing I go for. I don't want to show a video to someone and have them hold it to their ears to listen. Plus i play music on my phone when I shower. Speakers are #1 priority

  4. Speakers are very imp & that is why I dropped S7. S6 has better speakers, but the headphones output in s6 sucks big time, the music is not that loud. I put my JBL ear phones in my friends Iphone 5s and wallah they played so awesome in his phone, that even the person who was standing next to me could hear it.

  5. After owning an HTC One M8, I simply cannot go to a phone without stereo front firing speakers. I watch a lot of videos on my phone, and I now can't imagine going back to the crappy single mono speakers on every other phone out there.

    Trouble is, my M8's battery is starting to fail so I upgraded to an M9. But so far, the M9's battery isn't much if any better. So, I'm in a pickle… Either stick it out with one of these HTC's and deal with mediocre battery life or go with a different phone but do without the stereo speakers.

    I just really wish HTC could make a phone with boomsound speakers AND a great battery. They'd pretty much be my favorite phone manufacturer at that point, if they did that.

  6. front facing stereo speakers r a deal breaker for me…..I use my phone consistently for watching movies an TV shows my phone is my portable TV I know most of us that care if a phone has stereo speakers are a niche group but we r out there an we love our sound.

  7. front facing stereo speakers are extremely important for me and thats why the phones I usually tend to look into before purchase are made by HTC and Sony 🙂 it does help A LOT with the media consumption :)

  8. Front speakers are a go, they enhance the phone experience and you don't have to stick earbuds in your ears and block out things that are going on around you. If this phone has a geat camera, front speakers, fingerprint reader I will definitely get the HTC 10, I love the design of HTC phones and their user interface. I had the M7, M8 skipped the M9 but will get the 10 for sure. By the way if the M9 had a fingerprint scanner I would have gotten that too. 🙂 HTC that's where I want to be.

  9. I only buy phones with front facing speakers. I use it for handsfree calling. And it is also better with media, like watching youtube video's. I don't understand why manufacturers put the speaker on the back. Silly. It doesn't need much space on the front, look at the Lumia 650 and some HTC models.

  10. Because their saving it for last its their ace coz when they use it to make smartphone it will be a perfect smartphone with fast processor, micro sd card, front facing speaker and removable battery combo it will be hard for company to invent someting to top that perfect smartphone. it will be the perfect phone ever. they will get stuck at that point to invent or innovate from that point becoz they already have perfect smartphone

  11. I would prefer front facing speakers ,but not at the expense of giving up features. This is the on reason I'm a Samsung customer. Google is very close to earning my business as a lifetime customer with their advances in UI.

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