HTC 10 Bend and Scratch Test!

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I was able to apply opposite pressure to the “twist” in the phone to untwist it. Scratches all buffed out. This seems to be a pretty stout device!

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45 Comments on HTC 10 Bend and Scratch Test!

  1. I hate to see people damaging their new phones, but its really good to see how durable the phones are, which helps us all to decide whether you need a case or not. I like to keep my phones in perfect condition so will always use a case.

  2. For a second there I thought this was a JerryRigEverything video, I'm glad it isn't, because no matter how strong the phone is, he always breaks it, after that he tells everyone that the phone build quality is shit. But he didn't even realized that it's his strength is the one making phones look like toothpicks.

  3. What for scratch and bend tests are done. This is mobile phone and a shaving razor like thing as we us it for another reason. Phone is deliberate gadget and not tobe used roughly. All these shit test doesn't prove anything except creating havoc in the minds of people.

  4. Man, as a fan of HTC, it hurts to see this. I guess someone has to test it out but I wouldn't be doing this to my device on purpose. I would rather watch how you unlock the bootloader and root it then to watch it bend.

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