HTC 10 Benchmark Tests, 24 Hour Impressions, and Software Tour

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36 Comments on HTC 10 Benchmark Tests, 24 Hour Impressions, and Software Tour

  1. I am really interested in getting this phone. I had two other HTC phone already but non witch come with headphones. I went online and saw that this phone comes with a set.. did HTC explain why your phone didn't come with the headphones. not the first time I see some one not getting a set.. just one guy and I think it was over seas cuz of the adapter was different.. could you help..

  2. boost+ is a legit good app created by HTC to help with the phones performances, if your phones starts slowing down or crap like that you'd probably start ranting saying it's slow when you removed the app which helps optermize the performance.

  3. For single core score, I could get around 2300-2400, and multicore is around 5200. I don't know why yours is lower. For antutu, I could get 150,000 at some point. Is the SD820 inconsistent with performance and throttles?

  4. people who like to play performance heavy games might want to keep the boost+ app as it improves in game performance almost by 2x, by forcing the phone to render games at 1080p.

  5. Hey 😀
    i am wondering what phone will live up to my needs and i thought you
    could give me a good idea, 🙂 now i have a note 4 but the gallery is SO
    SLOW just because i have a Dropbox with 38000 photo in it and it is so
    frustrating that i have to wait ages for it to open my gallery even just
    the ones that are on the phone, i have deactivated many background
    stuff that i do not use and stopped many programs running in the
    background, but it is still slow to open the picture gallery, i don't
    care about the look ore the design but only that it can handle my
    gallery and take descend photos indoors too, and it will have a long
    battery time and Bluetooth and room for my 32Gb memory card

  6. Not bad, HTC! Seems like a pretty solid phone… I really like those same 3 wallpapers too, I use em on my Note5. They remind me of the paint/brush stroke wallpapers that use to come on the Notes. Great video! ☺

  7. Hope the factory reset gets sorted after the factory reset, otherwise I'd be taking mine back. Have you had any issues with the screen having a pinkish tinge at different viewing angles?

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