HTC 10 – Battery Performance (In-Depth)

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12 Comments on HTC 10 – Battery Performance (In-Depth)

  1. Nice can you check what screen panel you have? If you download Devcheck from the playstore it'll tell you. Theres two panels and Sharp is said to be the less power efficent one.

  2. Hey, Extremely Sorry for a Topic that's not Related but I sent my G4 for Servicing because of the Infamous Bootloop Issue. However, it's my Last Time as my Phone's Rooted. When I get it Back, should I Sell it ( Paid a Hefty Sum for it when it was Launched and the Value now is Extremely Low ) or just continue using it ( but may Risk Paying for the Motherboard if it Strikes again ) ?
    PS: You're a Great Reviewer and You explained almost Everything in Detail, even a Comprehensive Review on the Battery Life. Keep it Up ;)

  3. I want to buy a new smartphone between galaxy s7 and htc 10 ? I like htc's user interface,htc speaker, metal build and htc theme store ,.,I also like galaxy s7's super amoled display ,galaxy s7's camera and galaxy s7's glass built ,.,how to choose between these phones ?my priorities are -good multimedia experience ,loud speaker quality ,good display ,good battery ,normal gaming is enough ,good cellular quality ,.,which phone will u suggest or any other suggestions,.,pls reply

  4. is super amoled screen technology is more battery efficient than lcd,tft lcd,super lcd and ips lcd?because some stats showing that galaxy s7 has greater battery life than htc 10,.,thank u

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