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Hi, and welcome to our new Top Eleven Training Tutorial. 2016 has just begun and we wanted to kick off this year with a brand new addition to the game. The new Training Feature will help bring your Top Eleven experience to the next level. Let’s take a closer look at the new Training Feature and see what is has to offer.

Training your team is a key part of any Manager’s journey to success.

What is your favourite Top Eleven Training drill? Leave a comment below.

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49 Comments on How to Train your Players | Top Eleven 2016 Tutorial | NEW

  1. how can i lvl up my player?. when i check on him it said requires 4% to become a better player, but after trainings after trainings after trainings, he doesnt improve. the requested 4% did not change at all….. pls help me.. i really like this game.. but it seems too hard to understand

  2. Cambada de palhaços que não prestam mesmo para nada.Mas que merda é esta? Futebol não é de certeza absoluta.Isto não passa de uma enorme palhaçada gerida por uma cambada de meninos.Quero que vocês se fodam porque daqui não levam nada.Este jogo é a maior merda que já vi até hoje.Vão trabalhar porque eu não sustento chulos num jogo que é uma anedota completa gerido por gente que não vale um cêntimo!

  3. The problem am having in this game is that the free tokens are never enough, which leads u to be buying with credit cards. As far as am concerned the rest and token every match one wins should increase. So that the game will be moderated in expenses.

  4. El juego a mejorado mucho aunque tiene algunos errores como por ejemplo un jugador se va solo contra el arquero y en vez de pegarle la toca para atras. O en mi caso hace unas 6 temporadas que mis delanteros no meten goles. entre las tres competiciones llegan a sumar unos 6 goles. El resto de juego es barbaro y super adictivo

  5. give atleast som token to the winning team in a league,champions league and cup…also allowed the winner of champions league to defend their title even if they fail to occupy top 4 in their league..

  6. top eleven i new training method is good and exciting i much congratulate you guys for your tremendous efforts,but i think having 4 training sections every day is too much players are unable to get fully rested unless you use rest pt.even in reality is very hard

  7. The new training features spending more on health packs I had over 250 health packs now I have 15 and the training drills have no effect still getting beat by weak teams

  8. So far the training sessions worked . I won 14/16 games 2 draws just by training the players for every match and keeping them at high condition 🙂 good job.

  9. Se esta merda já não prestava,agora aumentou a tentativa de chulice, o que mostra um enorme desespero dos responsáveis para tentar sacar dinheiro a quem joga.Agora é necessário um camião TIR de pacotes de moral.Os resultados dos jogos continuam uma grande palhaçada e os comentários finais são uma grande anedota.

  10. Seems nice BUT,in order to have the bonuses from the practise at 8%(which i think is the decent)you have to spent LOTS of green packages.In few words fix the bonuses to go -1%(the least you could do)or else this is just a reason for people to even conseder about quitting as the people with the most green packages will be competetive for a long time.Practice works just fine but its TOO EXPENSIVE…There will always be a flow in the game,it doesnt have to be like this though…

  11. I know you wanted it to be better, but you ruined the game! It was so simple and so good to follow game, but now is more complicated and you have to pay attention to every single detail.. btw. it's MELTING my battery, especially on my phone, also it takes ages to load the game from the start..

    Very disappointed with new version..

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