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If you want help with how to set up an email account on the BlackBerry Bold 9900, we’ve got the perfect tutorial to help you out here at Phones 4u. We’ll show you how to sync your emails to a mailbox and access them straight from your mobile phone. We’ll even guide you through the set up process.

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5 Comments on How To Set Up An Email Account On Your BlackBerry Bold 9900 – Phones 4u

  1. I have also same problem, I bought it from my friend and I wiped all emails then in my email accounts icon only enterprise activation there is no Internet mail activation icon

  2. Hi sir. Sorry for the late reply. Ok basically there is a message appearing and it says that the data services are unavaliable. I want to set up and internet email account but I can't find any success on how to cahnge from enterprise activation to internet. I bout this phone used and I found it already stuk on that. So if you can help, would be great thanks!

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