How to S off the HTC 10 with SunShine App

How to S off the HTC 10 with SunShine App. click show more to see all the links you will need in the video description down below the video.

Link to xda post to flash to verizon devices

link to sunshine page if you want to send your verizon HTC 10 in to get the bootloader unlocked and s-off

link to sunshine app

Link to my youtube play list with directions to unlock bootloader install twrp recovery and root the device

Link to where you can find all my work in on easy to navigate place. tutorials, tips, tricks, root, restore, roms, Custom recovery and so much more.

My Favorite Tech and what i used to make my youtube videos

5 Things you need to know before rooting or hacking your android device…

22 Comments on How to S off the HTC 10 with SunShine App

  1. So I followed all your guides in regards to unlocking bootloader, SU and now S-Off but since I s-off'd my device it stated that I am "Locked" status when I go into the bootloader screen but I am S-Off, do I need to redo the process for unlocking the bootloader again?

  2. Is it already possible to return to s-on and locked bootloader (locked, not relocked)?
    If not, it will be possible in the future? Because it's not possible yet with HTC A9 (which also uses aboot).

  3. This is a question regarding the unlocked htc 10 and flashing a file (which I have) to allow it to work with Verizon. "For an unlocked htc 10, I need to unlock bootloader, turn s to off, then flash that small .img file and I can use my phone with Verizon since it all ready has the hardware?" Also I want to know if turning s-off and unlocking three bootloader will have any affect on security

  4. quick question, I did not do the wipe in cription part after S-off and instead did the regular wipe method, is this why I am unable to flash the SDK for xposed? looks like I need to go back and do this

  5. @rootjunky I remember when I had a htc one m8 I used rumrunner which was free…. But if I could not get that to work I would have purchased sunshine but rumrunner worked good too

  6. When I was rooting the phone the android decrypt thing popped up, I just put in the code that I set up with the fingerprint and it worked fine. Didn't even think of it, just typed it in and off I went on my merry way

  7. after we S off when we re flash superSU do we still need the force encryption superSU or can we use the regular one. thanks. another awesome video. you've been busy. lol?

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