How to Root HTC 10!

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Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to root your HTC 10 using Windows, Mac or Linux including how to unlock the bootloader!

For downloads, Mac/Linux code, and step-by-step written tutorial, see:

How to Root HTC 10!

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Also see how to unroot HTC 10 here:

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20 Comments on How to Root HTC 10!

  1. Help I can't open fastboot.exe on my win 10. All I get is file fastboot-win with 2 folders inside(-macosx and fastboot.exe) when I try to open fastbbot.exe all I see is a quick flash of the CMD promt screen. What am I doing wrong?Please help

  2. Got as far as installing twrp-3.0.2-2-pme.img, but then my HTC 10 fails to boot into recovery mode. I just get the black screen with HTC on it and red letters at top left that says "failed to boot into recovery"

  3. I only get "wipe encryption" option instead of "format data". I did the wipe encryption option and I got the same text as you on the next screen. Booted to bootloader and I dont get the "swipe to allow modifications" option. My phone won't show up on my computer in this recovery mode.

  4. When I copy the SuperSU zip onto my phones storage and boot to twrp recovery, the zip file doesn't show up to be installed. I've tried wiping again and again and it never shows up.

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