How to: remove Jailbreak any iDevice on iOS 8.1.2

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This video shows how to remove Jailbreak or Unjailbreak your iDevice running ios 8.1.2.
Please watch the video carefully most of the time it is self explanatory. You just need to sit back tight and wait for the procedures to complete.
Just remember to have a backup of your device prior to Jailbreak like I showed you in my Jailbreak video here

So at the end of all the above process you need to run your iDevice through that back up only.

20 Comments on How to: remove Jailbreak any iDevice on iOS 8.1.2

  1. Hey I need some help my find my iPhone and when I sign out of iCloud it doesn't work. It says there's a problem with de registering it. I wanted to remove jailbreak because of how slow it made my phone and iCloud sign in keeps popping up

  2. hi.. i have jailbreak my iphone 4s running ios 8.1.2, and i went to erase all data and settings without noticing i had jailbreak the phonw so now the system is corrupted. what shall i do??

  3. So did you restore a backup before or after your iPhone was Jailbroken? Because I would like to keep all my messanges from WhatsApp etc. on my iPhone which is Jailbroken at this time.

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